Investor Relations on Autopilot

We are product builders, investors, and optimists rebuilding Investor Relations from the ground up. Our mission is to make startup finances easy. With our automated financial tools, we help founders to plan effectively and collaborate seamlessly with their investors.

Standard Metrics was born from a simple question: why is it so difficult for startups and investors to collaborate around financial data and business metrics? VCs invest in the most technologically sophisticated companies in the world while managing their own portfolios in spreadsheets and legacy software. There are few standards for how startup data is shared, analyzed, and discussed, and the process is manual, sucking time and resources from both sides. No founder gets value out of filling out Excel templates and emailing data to their investors.

We see a better way, and an opportunity for an automated data platform to emerge for this industry. We started Standard Metrics to help the startup ecosystem build faster, and we’re working with leading CEOs and investors to create new standards of governance and transparency that enable deeper collaboration.

We’ll share more about our plans for Standard Metrics over time right here. In the meantime, please visit our website for more information and feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more. And we’re hiring!